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Installing Urdu Keyboard in Windows XP

Download and Install Urdu Keyboard from here Download
Now you need to set the Urdu Phonetic Keyboard from inside Windows XP Control Panel.
Urdu Phonetic Keyboard is most popular & commonly used keyboard in Urdu Inpage and other softwares.
View Phonetic Keyboard Layout Phonetic Keyboard Layout
Start Menu
Step 1: Click on Start Menu >> Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Date, Time, Language & Regional Options

Step 3: Click on Regional & Language Options

Step 4: Click on Languages Tab

Step 5: Click check box of Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai) >> Then Click on Apply. >> Insert Windows XP CD
>> After Installing Click on Details Button. It will open a new Window as below.

Step 6: Click on Add Button. It will open a new Window of Add Input Language as shown in left side.

Step 7: >> Select Urdu from Input Language and
>> Select Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout from Keyboard Layout/IME

Step 8: Click on Apply and OK.
Urdu Keyboard is installed and you can type urdu in MS Word or other program.

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